The Mary Marshall

In 2012, the batteau Mary Marshall made the first successful batteau run of the New River Gorge in more than 100 years. To call the run dramatic would be an understatement.

The Turkey Raft

The cobbled-together little boat was as ugly as its name, but it was also, in its way, rather ingenious… until it disintegrated.

Where There’s Will There’s a Way Downstream

In the beginning, every West Virginia rafting company was mom and pop, but some were mommier and poppier than others.

Come On In, the Water’s Weird

Early feedback from The History Press for Come On In, the Water’s Weird seems encouraging: “I’ve just been able to dive into this, and I’m blown away. This is just exactly what I was hoping for! The style is just dead on. Perfect. On the money. Wow.”

Rahall on WV Rafting Legend, Wildwater’s Jon Dragan

If you like whitewater, history, politics or any combination thereof, have a listen to Rep. Nick Rahall talk about WV whitewater pioneer, Jon Dragan.