The Summersville Dam Spillway

How many times had I driven through the spillway on my way to or from the Gauley and wondered what it must be like to see it in action. But to my knowledge, it has only happened once, during an overflow test in (probably) 1966.

The Tale of Bud’s Boner

If you’ve heard anything about the Gauley River rapid known as Bud’s Boner, it’s probably far more dramatic than the truth, which involves neither phallic symbols nor bizarre sexual proclivities nor, for that matter, the death of Bud Franz.

Happy 50th, Gauley River!

Come On In, the Water’s Weird is to press and Memorial Day, 2011, marks the 50th anniversary of the first descent of the Gauley River.

Rahall on WV Rafting Legend, Wildwater’s Jon Dragan

If you like whitewater, history, politics or any combination thereof, have a listen to Rep. Nick Rahall talk about WV whitewater pioneer, Jon Dragan.