The GoPro Box Canyon Sweets Falls Gauley River Adventure

Oh, the fun you can have with a Gopro strapped to the end of a 12′ pole.

Where There’s Will There’s a Way Downstream

In the beginning, every West Virginia rafting company was mom and pop, but some were mommier and poppier than others.

The Tale of Bud’s Boner

If you’ve heard anything about the Gauley River rapid known as Bud’s Boner, it’s probably far more dramatic than the truth, which involves neither phallic symbols nor bizarre sexual proclivities nor, for that matter, the death of Bud Franz.

Happy 50th, Gauley River!

Come On In, the Water’s Weird is to press and Memorial Day, 2011, marks the 50th anniversary of the first descent of the Gauley River.

Photos of the Gauley River Rapids You’ve Never Run

In 1966 the Army Corp of Engineers completed work on the Summersville Dam and Summersville Lake began to fill, forever submerging some of the best whitewater on the river. Here are unpublished and largely unseen photos from the first descent of the Gauley River.