Do You Know How Lucky You Were?

Compared to kayaks, whitewater raft technology hasn’t changed much since the early days of West Virginia river running… or has it?

The Summersville Dam Spillway

How many times had I driven through the spillway on my way to or from the Gauley and wondered what it must be like to see it in action. But to my knowledge, it has only happened once, during an overflow test in (probably) 1966.

The Tunnel

There exists one story about the Hawk’s Nest Tunnel that has never to my knowledge been told, at least not in writing.

Jay Young’s Photos

Had you told me 15 years ago I would become a photographer, I might have smiled and called you crazy.

A Celebration of All Things Brian Jennings

I find my mind wandering to places it’s never been before, some dark, but others bright and shining as I struggle to figure out what Brian Jennings example for living means to me. Photos.

Incomparable Beauty: The New River Gorge

Video: If you know New River Gorge well or have just been here and enjoyed yourself, get ready for goosebumps.

Photos of the New River Gorge Fire

There’s something primally hypnotic about a fire, especially a big one set amidst a dramatic landscape, like the New River Gorge. Simultaneously, it is both terrible and beautiful.

It’s a Jeep Thing

A misadventure and near-death experience of Winona MRT guides and their Jeep, circa 1979.

What to Do When You Crash Your DJI Phantom into Water

Did you crash your DJI Phantom quadcopter into water? I did. Here’s how I brought her back to life.

The Mary Marshall

In 2012, the batteau Mary Marshall made the first successful batteau run of the New River Gorge in more than 100 years. To call the run dramatic would be an understatement.